Honeymoon Adventure: Macau

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Well yes, Doms and I had a great time in our honeymoon. Thanks to my ever generous sister, we were able to explore Macau and Hongkong.

So I’ll start recounting the things that we did and the places we visited.


We left for Macau the day after our wedding via Cebu Pacific. Our flight was 7:30pm and we arrive the colorful city of Macau at around 9:30 pm. Doms and I were so surprised to know that the ground temperature when we arrived was 10 degrees. Good thing we were packed with our jackets!

Anyway, immigration in Macau International airport wast not that breezy because there only 3 immigration officers handling all of the people arriving. After the stamping and the crazy mean looks of the officers, we went outside to have our money changed to Macau Pataka (MOP) so we can have some money for our taxi ride going to the hotel.

Doms and I stayed in Emperor Hotel in Rua Xangi road. Our hotel was nicely situated near the casinos like Wynn and MGM. The hotel’s exterior was nice and grand. We were asked to deosit 500 MOP or 80SGD for our stay which was refundable. My sister requested for an executive for us so our room was located in the 20th floor.

Our room has a queen size bed, flat screen TV, minibar, nice T & B with bath tub. I loved our room! It was just right for us. The cable TV has an English channel that shows English movies.

After settling in and fixing our things, we decided to take a look around and find a nice place to eat. The streets of Macau looked gorgeous! All the streets are well lighted and colorful. The truly represent a city that never sleeps because of all the casinos, restaurants and bars.

We ate in this small restaurant at the corner of the street. I’m sorry but I forgot the name of the resto. We ate there because there were a lot fo people eating and we believe that if a place is flocked by people, it means it serves something good. Anyway, we ordered The ever famous Lechon Macau, Beef Noodle (Dry) and Yang Chow Fried Rice.

The food was delicious but was expensive in my taste. It was just a simple spread that costs 250 MOP (40 SGD). We particularly liked the Beef Noodles. The Lechon Macau for me was not that crispy and I didn’t like the sauce it came with.

So after our meal, we decided to roam around the streets. Since it was night time, Doms had many photo-ops with the buildings. It was freezing cold so my movements were slow and catatonic. I was sleepy already but we need to make most of our time there.

Wynn Macau

L’Arc New World Hotel

MGM Grand Backgorund

The next day, we started our day by eating continental breakfast in our hotel. It was nice but lacked more variations. Then, we rode the cab going to the ruins of St. Paul.

I can see in Doms’ eyes taht he loved the Ruins. It was another chance for him to expand his portfolio. We spent roaming around the ancient streets for around 2 hours. We bought the ever famous Egg Tart from one of the stores at the bottom of the Ruins. We also bought almond cookies, bakwa and other local delicacies.

After the Ruins, it started drizzling. so we decided to go to Macau Tower and have our lunch buffet in the 360 Revolving Tower. The view was great! I didn’t like elevator ride but it was fun!

The buffet spread was nice! I was kinda expecting there was  a pasta bar but not sight of it was seen. I particularly liked the dessert options because everything that I wanted to eat was there. From Mousse, Tarts and Truffles, it was there!

Then from Macau Tower, we went to visit the ever famous Venetian Macau.

We were utterly amazed with Venetian. The Grand Canal Shoppes was enclosed air conditioned area where there are gondola rides and many lights.

Our Macau adventure was very fun! Next stop, HONGKONG Adventure Blog.


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