Honeymoon Adventure: Hongkong

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We were lucky to be almost in two places at one time during our honeymoon. Since we are just an hour away from Hongkong, we decided to buy ferry tickets and spend the whole day exploring Hongkong Disneyland.

Last time I was in the happiest place on earth was 2007. I still can’t get enough of that place! So, I made sure that Doms will get to see Disneyland as well.

I initially bought ferry tickets online in TurbotJet to shuttle us from Macau Ferry Terminal to Hongkong. I ferry wasn’t that great because it was crowded. It was an hour trip and Doms and I just slept the time away.

We arrived at Hongkong around 9:30 am. We made our way through the long walk going to the MTR and rode the train going to Sunny Bay Station.

Disneyland is as happy as I remembered it 4 years ago. The Disney song playing in a loop in the park’s speakers are just as “homey” as it is. I can see Doms amazed at how Disneyland looks.

Our schedule is comprised of watching all the shows in Disney. Too bad Doms wasn’t able to watch the parade because for thot whole week, no parade was scheduled.

After exploring Disneyland, we decided to leave early so we ca explore the other places. We wen to Mongkok to have our picture taken in the Avenue of the Stars. We then searched for a nice place to eat but since it was so cold and windy. we just decided to eat in the cozy Spaghetti House.

When we were tired and full already, we just walked around the city then headed back to the terminal to ferry us back to Macau.

Our time in HK was just short but we really enjoyed it. Doms wanted to go back in the future, and we sure will!


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